Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Started with Internet Marketing

I'm New at this but like all things tried its a new adventure for me. I have been into computers, and the best use for them since I was working in my families appliance business. I had a customer that was well in to his sixties, and believe it, going to collage. We had a conversation about some of the new electronic games coming out like, "Pong", and one called, "Arcadia2000". I think was the real first from, "Emerson Electronics", a form of "Intelevision" game console. Our discussion turned to ways to help inventory, and Burt who was very intuitive said he had just finished a coarse at collage about the new computer technology. So I started to get involved and to get educated, starting with computers programming for dummies. I bought my first computer a CBM (Commodore) to keep inventory card-ex files on. I soon learned many other ways to use the computer including for recreation. So here I am blogging. One of my newest ventures in the starting of an online business was to research the subject to compare how to best approach the world wide web to succeed. I found that there is a lot going on and a lot of mistakes have been made.
All said about that simply means that there are changes going on that you have to be aware of and adapt to them. I started out with a web site for a service business promoting my Appliance and Air Conditioning Services that did very well with. That was unique to most because for me it did well for about $50.00 a month for my web site and the hosting. I could have done better if I had set up Affiliates to partner with increasing the income from the site. Now I am working with an affiliate program and can see a real benefit. First of all no product to maintain or support to worry about since that is all done by the products owners. For More Info on this click here

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