Thursday, July 16, 2015

Plenty of room for ancient artifacts | 2015 Ford Focus

A silver Lining From  a Rain Storm

Believe it or not I really didn't care for the Ford Focus personally. I drive a Ford Fusion SE with turbo and love it. Like everything in life things happen, and it did last month. While going last minute shopping in a terrible rain storm I was leaving Publix parking  when someone backed right into the passenger side with the gas pedal at full throttle. Well it took a while for the two insurance company's, mine and, his to reach agreement on repairs so then four weeks went by before anything could be done to fix the trouble. While the Fusion gets a face lift I rented a car from Enterprise Car Rental a Ford Focus 2015 SE. I really like it too now, has all the room and performs excellently with Eco Boost 4cylinder power and in city driving is getting 25MPG. So now I like it too!