Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enjoy the diabetes un-diet

Enjoy the diabetes un-diet
With the rite eats dieting doesn't have to be boring or a hassle. Today we have a lot of good choices to eating healthy. One of the hardest things to find when looking for diabetic quizene may be the taste. So many times when puling something together for a meal with low sugar is getting it be tasty and invite your taste buds to react. I have had this problem myself since I was diagnosed with type two and have struggled finding tasty meals that I really liked. Many of the systems I used were not my cup of tea and left me cheating my own meals. I found a website that I joined and subscribed to many of the health newsletters there and am very happy with the results. This post I felt to make because the article has real marit and so I wanted to share it with my readers too.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun with RC models

While editing my YouTube channel I checked my messages an found a nice video that was sent to me with the comment that I should share it. I thought it to be well done and it deserves some credit and so I decided to post it with comments. I hope it is liked and maybe even get passed around a little. This is the time of year when people like to find such info and ads.

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Iphone/Android Control U810 Gyro RC Helicopter - Remote Control Copter Toy
The Helicopter is controlled by your iPhone 4 and Android OS mobile phone. Infrared alloy body increases the strength of the helicopter and prevents damages upon crashes. Colorful lights makes it attractive. Employs Gyroscope.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Modern Day Business Tools Help Save Money And Time

Yes it is true today we find so many modern day business tools to use. Every thing from administrative assistance programs that outsource the skilled position to companies that save our company time and money. They do all the tasks of administration that are so vital to making a smooth transition from task to task within the company organization. Keeping track of the jobs, duties, logistics, payroll, and of course advertizing. We even have companies that do the human resource activity of hiring and firing. When you add up all that makes up a company's administration actions you will find that there is very little time left for the other operation of company designs, outside activities such as charitable and community functions. That being the case more companies are turning to outside programs that coordinate those tasks to optimize time and resources.
There are some other tools too that help by making communication tasks more comprehensive and thorough. Help is given to keep track of contacts, developers, distributors, suppliers, and even traffic resource development skills. These programs can even set up and control advertizing for promotion to the community to attract customers or subscribers. The use of cell phones by the public at large has given companies a new avenue to tell others about their business, the products and services they have to offer. This has led to the creation of the SMS broadcasts that are so popular with cell phone users. The "Smart Phone" give way to many new ways to communicate with people and organizations through ads, social media, and all kinds of "APPS" that can be used to find, play, and search from where ever they are located. Even the creation of reading devices like the "Kindle Reader" has made the tools category for many companies striving to keep up with the latest News, and trends in business.
A very important tool is the world wide web known as the internet. There are so many tools online to help with everything from the planning to the set up of a business. There are all kinds of traffic resources to draw customers from. Manny types of assistance for your business can even be managed from web tools. As a matter of fact a business can and has been completely planned, designed, setup,advertizes and launched totally on the internet.

Thursday, May 5, 2011 — Income for Life™

With all that is out there between the many different opportunities today How do you know which to choose? Check out as many as you can, but be careful. Most times the offers on line come with a string attached. Others hidden cost with very difficult means to cancel or unsubscribe from. But still if you look in the right places there are some real opportunities to be had. The ones that say order now usually have a cost to join. The quickest way to financial freedom can be exploited to gain your support, but may not be so good. Yet every once in a while you can come across those programs that depend on an earnest effort by a number of people to complete tasks toward making their product visible to many prospects. To do that they may offer you to complete those tasks that will promote their services. This makes the road more viable to people that find themselves without a lot of money to invest in their entrepreneurship. With these programs you get paid to perform the tasks for a real company. Surveys, Medical billing and coding, Ghost writing, and even web site promotions can be some of the most popular. There are some that will pay you to help get referrals for company's wanting exposure and subscribers that will pay for your efforts to capture those referrals for them. They do it by allocating a portion of their advertising budget to pay someone to perform those tasks. For an example of such a program click the — Income for Life™

Friday, April 15, 2011

Amazing Stories Of Struggles and Triumphs With Real People Helping Real Businesses.

Again this video attest to the need for real business coaching help for small business. The Government Tax breaks are nice but they do not promote business toward growth. This system of instruction and tools has hit the center of the target. If you prime the well your efforts will be rewarded every time.
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One thing that stands out in the video is the attention on helping small business get the word out about their company's. All the tax breaks cant help people find a business except to take the money saved and apply it to getting exposure. The theme here is to promote and make aware the business of a small business. Want to create jobs? The business that flourishes grows and with growth comes the need to hire good help to accomplish the tasks performed in doing business.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Basic Electronics Learning A Real Asset For Education

We live in a world today that has transformed from a society of manual and physical properties of doing tasks, to one of "Remote Control". Everywhere that you look today can be found examples to draw from this concussion. Remote control items in our lives include our business, communications,entertainment,health, hobbies, leisure, and even in our play. Many devices we use are Cell phones, Home Phones,CD-DVD players,Home Theaters, Remote Control Boats, Cars, Helicopters, and Planes. Scanners, Printers and All in ones, used in the Workplace have recently become remote control through the wireless designs that allow more than one user to access in a network connected group. Our Leaders today need to take this into consideration when developing the education model for training today. Even a four year old child can use electronics to do tasks in every day life. Change the TV channel or Volume, and use a computer to Paint or play games. When you take this into consideration then a real need for a class to teach "Basic Electronics" to "School Children" would help the development of our society as a whole, and improve productivity and jobs. Take a look at this simple video about "basic Electronics. This is a lecture that doe's a real comprehensive and informative presentation of a quality class. The Coarse is much like one That was offered to high school students in the 1960's only then it was not as up to date.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

RC Models Hobby's May Help To Create Job Oppurtunity

Putin post articles are one of the best ways to make your business more visible online. The more places you can put your content on the more chance you have of someone finding your business through links, comments, and reviews, by those that find your posts. The following copy is from my latest web post where I am trying to help find ideas to promote job growth and stir the economy some what. "The Business Community today needs a boost, and the politicize governments seem to need some help too. The problem isn't the number of people needing a job, as much as the number of Chiefs trying to change things. Good idea's are needed to diversify the options to working class, as well for the business company's earnestly seeking answers. One of the best ways to get ideas comes many times when you least expect, while relaxing with your mind at ease playing, or working on a hobby. The other day I was going over my latest website about my favorite hobby flying model airplanes. Then while proof reading the Post I was pondering one of the points i was trying to make. Quote " No matter what it is that suits one’s fancy, a remote controlled boat, car, helicopter, even a tank or don’t forget train that suits the hobbyist liking, there are actually important process they should learn about and make the most of which one you get into. It usually will take a little more effort to learn how to play with remote controlled models, but the learning process is just as fun as playing the master driver, pilot or tank commander." when it came to me to use the post to promote as many hobby's possible. So Now Comes the fun. What do the Remote Control Hobbyists do, and where do they spend their money? Most RC Hobbyists need money too. They have expenses related to their hobby. Travel to events, purchasing supply's, Club dues, and lots of other things connected to their hobby. Why not promote those avenues too. So Now I have a new website to play around with and see if it will take to the public fancy. To view my latest venture in the world wide web check out my link by clicking this link And if you like it leave a comment."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homeless Man Ted Williams Got A Job! UpDate

Well see there, just what the man needed a hand up. Today a surprise, Ted Williams showed up on the news last night with a Fox 13 Tampa Bay News article. Then this morning on the CBS Early Show, was the article that interviewed Mr Williams, in Columbus,Ohio, about the job he was offered by the Cavaliers as an announcer to be. He also was given access to a home that now makes him an ex homeless man with a golden voice. Watch the interview by clicking the play button.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Rare Voice With A Unique Name

I found this clip of a homeless man with a really good voice. The Name too is Unique Ted Williams, seems to me that's a baseball name. Maybe someone could help the guy out. I'd like to use his voice promoting my products and programs. Some times are rough for people and they fall short. Then again is there some way that a hand up may bring back a person to productivity. In recent years the media has reported in a negative lite. The mood becomes toxic and it spreads to all corners. Now How About a change as has been said by some pretty influential people in high places. Promote positive things that can make a brighter outlook and maybe change the climate for the better. <br/><a href="" target="_new"title="The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice">Video: The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice</a>
The point is that if some thing can make a difference for the better, then that should be the focus of those that have the power, and or ability to do just that. I am sort of off the path but The thought was so prominent to the atmosphere in today's economic climate. While that is relevant for most thinking people, its good to mention and share with others. If you like the post then please click the like button
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