Friday, December 25, 2009

Electrolux-Icon Infinite Induction Cooking System

This is going to be the cooking appliance in the future. This will save more Money and because it is cool to the touch with no burners to be cooled down safer with children around. It is called "Infinite Induction Cooking System" which is induced heating though magnetic current variation. What happens is an alternating current is applied to create a variable magnetic force on the metal cooking utensil placed above the surface area of the magnetic field. This results in the surface staying cool while the metal molecules of the utensil are excited and that makes the metal heat up in response. I was doing research for my appliance business finding this bit of information on a better way to cook. In today's climate of things I thought that this may be something to investigate for implementing and stimulating business. The economy could sure use a shot in the arm, so what better way than to share this with as many as I could. This system is faster than conventional electric heating elements, and more efficient than both Electric and Gas types. With the infinite range of settings digitally there is better control of cooking. Safety is also improved since the surface area does stay cool. Clean up is a breeze when a spill occurs on a cool surface wipe up is simple and quick. To See More About Similar Items "Click Here"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Internet Business Website Design

Web site design planning is one of most critical areas of a successful Internet business. With out a plan too many websites are confusing and is not organized properly and go unnoticed. When surfing the Internet and you come upon a page that is confusing, that doesn't look right, and you can't find on that page what you want to find out, then you have to modify the design of the site a web page is contained in.

A web site is a container of information file folders, they can be for everything from the index files,the bin, CGI, CSS, RSS, private information, text files, image files, PHP files, and according to their name or style widgets files. If these files are not properly placed and organized within the website container, browsers will have a hard time locating and assembling the data required to display,information such as the databases needed. Take for an example your going traveling, to state like Florida, when you go into the box and find a map you open the Map to Florida to go through and theirs holes cut in that map. You can only find the streets and go point where the holes shows up in a map. You never get to where you want to go especially if there was a turn at the point of the hole. With that hole that people clicked through on the web site to buy something which are to make money, to put on its own views,or to give information about a subject it important to the search and public.

First things first, design your website with an organized plan keeping in mind what their website is going to do. If you want to make money that website has to contain the elite fashion unique name, a database of products, a source to advertise the products, a way to collect the products together selected by the consumer, and that have some way to get paid for them, a way that they have been shipped, and of course to invoice. So the first thing you want to do is create a database, network that database with the sources and resources that you'll need to set up your website page, about page, thank you page, shopping cart page, information collection page, an opt-in page for newsletters advertising, files on privacy, terms of agreement, shop for and retrieve products, support, a contact us list, and the legal disclaimer of protection for both the buyer and the seller. Many web sites incorporate search features, both within a wide web site itself, a search area of text, or the World Wide Web related to the products or transformation search for. The search sites or engines can be placed on the Owners' web page, and linked with all publishing ID partnerships that the owner wants to use for the purpose of collecting streams of income. For more information on this CLICK HERE

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finding Hot Products To Sell Online

One of the most difficult and probably elusive things to do when researching Items or products to sell online is hit a hot one. That is to say a product that is so popular that every one wants it, can't be without it, and will spend the last penny to acquire it. Now that is "Hot", yes a real good find. People strive to distinguish what the buying public wants and the ability to do so can greatly increase the revenue of a business not to mention the popularity if that business hits on a winner product. In More instances than not the trial and error method of putting up those things that are thought to be wanted and then finding that the market has already changed and moved on. That is called, "A Day Late And A Dollar Short" or maybe, "Too Little To Late" in any case time to find something else.
This week we saw the loss of people of popularity such as Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, John Carradine, and Ed McMahon, who were once very Hot. But unlike the market of products that fade away, thees personalities will probably become more valuable because of their legacies they left to us all. The Music of Michael Jackson will live on and for a short time even become a wanted Item because now there will be no more additions from him. Farrah Fawcett's, posters, movies, and yes even her commercials, are now all that she will have done. Many nights we have all fallen asleep while watching TV and hearing, "Here's Johnny" as the Johnny Carson Show began.
The best we can do is research, develop our skills, and give it our best shot. More times than not business people will search out evaluate products and items thru every means out there. So with that in mind check out my latest endeavor by CLICKING "HERE"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bob's Example Of An Online Super Store

The idea of opening an online super store was very intriguing to me from the very beginning. I thought how many people would want to be able to sit at home and simply shop with a click. Was it new? Not really since and but for the most part a collection of other peoples products that they can't really know is of the quality most shoppers are looking for. Just this week I saw an article about a women who thought she was buying a Automobile on eBay at a good price of about $4,000.00 Dollars. She did all the research and paid her $4,000.00 dollars for the Toyota. Then after many days no auto. She had been scammed by a very cunning Internet seller that had actually sold the same auto several times with no auto in inventory. I have in the past sold myself on cell phones and some electronics. The problem for me was waiting for bids to close and collecting the payment. When you start out small you can't afford to keep paying the fees associated with the selling process and then not sell or not get paid. I began to search for another way to sell online with a store front that had all the products in inventory and could collect the payment and ship to the customer direct from the warehouse. I looked at many that had products that really were not what I thought were what people would buy online. Most of them were not in the main stream of what was searched for online. I decided to get another website and then partner with a product company that has done a lot of good business with They drop ship in my company name in the same way my suppliers did for my brick and mortar store. Traffic is the name of the game so I set up my affiliate programs and began to optimize the site. Every day I check the products out and make sure the site is available. To check it out you can take a look by clicking here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Started with Internet Marketing

I'm New at this but like all things tried its a new adventure for me. I have been into computers, and the best use for them since I was working in my families appliance business. I had a customer that was well in to his sixties, and believe it, going to collage. We had a conversation about some of the new electronic games coming out like, "Pong", and one called, "Arcadia2000". I think was the real first from, "Emerson Electronics", a form of "Intelevision" game console. Our discussion turned to ways to help inventory, and Burt who was very intuitive said he had just finished a coarse at collage about the new computer technology. So I started to get involved and to get educated, starting with computers programming for dummies. I bought my first computer a CBM (Commodore) to keep inventory card-ex files on. I soon learned many other ways to use the computer including for recreation. So here I am blogging. One of my newest ventures in the starting of an online business was to research the subject to compare how to best approach the world wide web to succeed. I found that there is a lot going on and a lot of mistakes have been made.
All said about that simply means that there are changes going on that you have to be aware of and adapt to them. I started out with a web site for a service business promoting my Appliance and Air Conditioning Services that did very well with. That was unique to most because for me it did well for about $50.00 a month for my web site and the hosting. I could have done better if I had set up Affiliates to partner with increasing the income from the site. Now I am working with an affiliate program and can see a real benefit. First of all no product to maintain or support to worry about since that is all done by the products owners. For More Info on this click here