Saturday, September 21, 2013

Danielle Bradbery -New release Video, The Heart of Dixie (Official Audio)

Today is a good day to find some good news and one of the first things that I found came in an email from my Google+ circle of friends. A new release video by Danielle Bradbery that is Titled,"The Heart of Dixie".  This may well be a hit in my playlist of video music. I found the message to be good and the mood to be upbeat and catchy, I would buy it to ad to my music library.

I like it so much I shared on my Facebook fan page at, and also posted it on my Twitter account at Lately the news has been all disappointing to me because of the political climate in the Government. They all are totally out of touch with reality. Too much reality TV I guess, time to find another way to be positive in life. There is nothing more helpful in that than to find good music and bask in it.