Thursday, July 16, 2015

Plenty of room for ancient artifacts | 2015 Ford Focus

A silver Lining From  a Rain Storm

Believe it or not I really didn't care for the Ford Focus personally. I drive a Ford Fusion SE with turbo and love it. Like everything in life things happen, and it did last month. While going last minute shopping in a terrible rain storm I was leaving Publix parking  when someone backed right into the passenger side with the gas pedal at full throttle. Well it took a while for the two insurance company's, mine and, his to reach agreement on repairs so then four weeks went by before anything could be done to fix the trouble. While the Fusion gets a face lift I rented a car from Enterprise Car Rental a Ford Focus 2015 SE. I really like it too now, has all the room and performs excellently with Eco Boost 4cylinder power and in city driving is getting 25MPG. So now I like it too!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (+playlist)

Do We Need A Modern Day Robin Hood?

The Video sums up the conditions that seems to be getting out of control in society. Just as in the story of Robin Hood we are seeing more and more evidence of government corruption and especially greed to be the king of the hill. Power is going to the heads of most government leaders, all seeming to think they have the right to tell men what to do even in their private homes. 

The Idea that "I would do anything for you", has become "I will do anything to you". Not all but most across the globe do things that would fall in the face of what is right, and proper treatment of the constituent's that they represent, or have the responsibility to serve and provide for that gives real Power. When a person takes the responsibility to make decisions to govern, they must also be fair about them.

Now comes the question for the right to be governing society. Has the present systems in place today successfully performed the task of  providing fair and balanced care to those they govern, or are there those that fall between the crack? No government since man has been doing it has done so, mostly because men do not have the interest of all in mind. They all take those with their interest at heart to be more important than the whole body.

What man has proven over the last several thousand years, is that he is not capable to the task. There is one than is and he once walked the Earth, spreading a message of hope, with a promise to make all things new. But our governments, and religious leaders in that time put him to death on a torture stake for being a revolutionary, or BLASPHEMER.

Fear not, for the fight is not ours, but His to fight. His message has not changed, or the purpose for which he came, He will prevail. If you want to learn more about the New Things Promised then just go to this link and CLICK HERE.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Danielle Bradbery -New release Video, The Heart of Dixie (Official Audio)

Today is a good day to find some good news and one of the first things that I found came in an email from my Google+ circle of friends. A new release video by Danielle Bradbery that is Titled,"The Heart of Dixie".  This may well be a hit in my playlist of video music. I found the message to be good and the mood to be upbeat and catchy, I would buy it to ad to my music library.

I like it so much I shared on my Facebook fan page at, and also posted it on my Twitter account at Lately the news has been all disappointing to me because of the political climate in the Government. They all are totally out of touch with reality. Too much reality TV I guess, time to find another way to be positive in life. There is nothing more helpful in that than to find good music and bask in it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Whare I Came From And It Has Brought Me To Empower Network

I have been a family man with the drive to provide for my wife and children by servicing other peoples labor saving products. I started in my early teens to repair and service almost anything mechanical. At age 11 I went from house to house promoting my lawn service business, and with that I had to learn how to repair and maintain the equipment. I tried the old way of trial and error which proved to be a big problem since at the time I didn't even have a clue how things worked. My father who was a mechanic in commercial construction taught me trough the procedures necessary. His most helpful advise to me was to get a good education in the mechanical field. I enrolled in a ninth grade class for small engine repair. That was a very good class with a very thorough teacher. From there I competed classes in high school and later in continuing education classes. These expanded to Appliance and Air Conditioning. So here I am today making strides to promote online. To date this the year of 2013 I have added several new things to my business venture on line. they include web sites and blogs. Bob's Shops that is our main page. We promote everything for the home and garden with everything from A to Z. We even have a web site that helps Small Business and Self Employment Job Creation. There are so many that I listed some in the links area and a few here that I especially am personally working on. I like doing things that keep busy men going. There are new horizons for me in the field of our mind and well being at the Empower Network. This is going to be a learning experience for me what if you'll follow along in which you get there with me and make some money at the same time. If you join my network and subscribed to by feeds and post it will be able to see all that I do with simple network systems available to us at the end of it all we can make some money too.Just Click Here

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Team UOIS Empower Network

Best training on the net to grow your online business Team @Team UOIS Empower Network as a member I am Learning alot about lists and how they really work. They teach the purpose for safelist, traffic exchanges and how to use them to grow your presence as a business online. They teach how the best techniques can increase your conversions and that soon becomes profits. The videos in the training sessions are very informative with step by step real time instructions. Presented by +Michelangelo Lopez with real enthusiasm that will keep your attention. Going to as many webinars as I have in the last few years this has been the real deal.