Friday, December 25, 2009

Electrolux-Icon Infinite Induction Cooking System

This is going to be the cooking appliance in the future. This will save more Money and because it is cool to the touch with no burners to be cooled down safer with children around. It is called "Infinite Induction Cooking System" which is induced heating though magnetic current variation. What happens is an alternating current is applied to create a variable magnetic force on the metal cooking utensil placed above the surface area of the magnetic field. This results in the surface staying cool while the metal molecules of the utensil are excited and that makes the metal heat up in response. I was doing research for my appliance business finding this bit of information on a better way to cook. In today's climate of things I thought that this may be something to investigate for implementing and stimulating business. The economy could sure use a shot in the arm, so what better way than to share this with as many as I could. This system is faster than conventional electric heating elements, and more efficient than both Electric and Gas types. With the infinite range of settings digitally there is better control of cooking. Safety is also improved since the surface area does stay cool. Clean up is a breeze when a spill occurs on a cool surface wipe up is simple and quick. To See More About Similar Items "Click Here"