Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homeless Man Ted Williams Got A Job! UpDate

Well see there, just what the man needed a hand up. Today a surprise, Ted Williams showed up on the news last night with a Fox 13 Tampa Bay News article. Then this morning on the CBS Early Show, was the article that interviewed Mr Williams, in Columbus,Ohio, about the job he was offered by the Cavaliers as an announcer to be. He also was given access to a home that now makes him an ex homeless man with a golden voice. Watch the interview by clicking the play button.

With the story now updated, comes hope to see more stories that are uplifting and positive. See how nice that can be to your day, a great start. Keep up the change, better things will surface. If you like this please click the like button and leave a comment. This article post is brought by "Bobs Shops Online"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Rare Voice With A Unique Name

I found this clip of a homeless man with a really good voice. The Name too is Unique Ted Williams, seems to me that's a baseball name. Maybe someone could help the guy out. I'd like to use his voice promoting my products and programs. Some times are rough for people and they fall short. Then again is there some way that a hand up may bring back a person to productivity. In recent years the media has reported in a negative lite. The mood becomes toxic and it spreads to all corners. Now How About a change as has been said by some pretty influential people in high places. Promote positive things that can make a brighter outlook and maybe change the climate for the better. <br/><a href="" target="_new"title="The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice">Video: The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice</a>
The point is that if some thing can make a difference for the better, then that should be the focus of those that have the power, and or ability to do just that. I am sort of off the path but The thought was so prominent to the atmosphere in today's economic climate. While that is relevant for most thinking people, its good to mention and share with others. If you like the post then please click the like button
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