Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (+playlist)

Do We Need A Modern Day Robin Hood?

The Video sums up the conditions that seems to be getting out of control in society. Just as in the story of Robin Hood we are seeing more and more evidence of government corruption and especially greed to be the king of the hill. Power is going to the heads of most government leaders, all seeming to think they have the right to tell men what to do even in their private homes. 

The Idea that "I would do anything for you", has become "I will do anything to you". Not all but most across the globe do things that would fall in the face of what is right, and proper treatment of the constituent's that they represent, or have the responsibility to serve and provide for that gives real Power. When a person takes the responsibility to make decisions to govern, they must also be fair about them.

Now comes the question for the right to be governing society. Has the present systems in place today successfully performed the task of  providing fair and balanced care to those they govern, or are there those that fall between the crack? No government since man has been doing it has done so, mostly because men do not have the interest of all in mind. They all take those with their interest at heart to be more important than the whole body.

What man has proven over the last several thousand years, is that he is not capable to the task. There is one than is and he once walked the Earth, spreading a message of hope, with a promise to make all things new. But our governments, and religious leaders in that time put him to death on a torture stake for being a revolutionary, or BLASPHEMER.

Fear not, for the fight is not ours, but His to fight. His message has not changed, or the purpose for which he came, He will prevail. If you want to learn more about the New Things Promised then just go to this link and CLICK HERE.

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